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Tourism Means A Lot To Kentucky!

Tourism Means A Lot To Kentucky. 13.7 Billion To Be Exact.

Rolling hills and the lush countryside of horse farms. Majestic mountains reaching high into the eastern sky. Endless miles of pristine waterways. Smells of bourbon mash on a crisp fall morning.

These sights and smells are the hallmarks of our Kentucky landscape. Bourbon, horses, outdoors, Bluegrass music and delicious foods are embedded in the fabric of the state and its residents. Kentuckians love all things that are quintessential Kentucky … and so do visitors to the commonwealth.

In 2015, 24.6 million visitors came to Kentucky – up almost 3 million visitors from the year before. These millions of visitors not only traveled to the state, but spent money here as well.

The economic impact of the Kentucky tourism industry in 2015 was $13.7 billion dollars. This $13.7 billion makes the tourism industry the 3rd largest generator of revenue in Kentucky behind the automobile and healthcare industries. What does that mean for the citizens of Kentucky?

Tourism generated over $1.43 billion in tax revenues. Monies brought in from visitor spending saved each Kentucky household an average of $1,200.

Tourism supported 186,204 jobs.

$3.1 billion in wages were paid to Kentucky workers through tourism.

Every Kentuckian wins when the Kentucky tourism industry thrives.

More than the financial impact, the tourism industry enhances the quality of life for all Kentuckians. The natural beauty of our state provides an outlet for recreation and leisure. There is a beautiful vista around every corner in Kentucky. Great places to hike, bike, watch a sunset or take your family on a boat ride during the hot summer months. These activities are also the types of assets that companies look for when moving to or expanding their operations in Kentucky. Employers want happy employees and want to be located in an area that has natural or developed tourism assets so that employees can take advantage of those opportunities when they’re off the clock. A vibrant tourism economy means quality lodging, restaurants, shops and a never-ending list of things to do right in their own backyards. Tourism is a must-have tool in the tool box for any community that wants to grow and have a positive economic impact for its citizens.

When the vacation days are over and visitors are packing their bags to head home, the Kentucky tourism industry is leaving a lasting, positive impression. Kentucky hospitality is unparalleled, its beauty in a league of its own with its people as its greatest champion. The memories visitors create while in the commonwealth will be cherished their entire lives. When they speak of Kentucky to their friends and families, they are doing so with an affection that entices everyone to make a trip of their own.

All of these reasons show why it’s clear that tourism works for Kentucky.


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January 16, 2017

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